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Master the method quickly with the interactive workbook action steps, and a downloadable pocket book to have on hand during your first calls. Gone are the days where you need to wince every time someone asks you for the price, or feel sleazy by asking them to buy. This method of sales uses the neuroscience of leadership to give you BOTH what you want! 

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Because I want to make sure YOU succeed, I'm offering a complimentary 1 hour of private coaching to help implement the Q10 MethodWhen I first started coaching, I knew that the #1 biggest problem that would hold me back was my sales calls. I felt icky...So, I invested thousands of dollars, and refined my technique to get rid of the yuck, and bring in the awesome vibes into my calls!

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Join other content creators who are learning to master their sales and business growth inside the IMPACT Facebook Group! Here we advise and learn from each other, based on the same training you'll get here today.


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  • Detailed 3-part webinar training
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  • 1 complimentary hour of private coaching to help implement the Q10 Method
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Only $97!


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