How To Become Successful As An Introvert Coach With Only 20 Minutes A Day!

coach strategy Dec 20, 2020



I'm an extreme introvert!

Meaning, I've been quite content to live in my flat the last 10 months and work from home. Besides walking my dog, I tend to get out of the flat once a week or once every two weeks during the pandemic. I function easily like this.

Many people don't believe that because I've spent many years growing and learning to connect with all personality types. Additionally, learning to be more extroverted helps greatly with sales and networking.
However, there are many tasks in a coach's day that are simply TOUGH for coaches to do. Public speaking -to include Live Facebook videos each week, are just plain difficult for us to want to do over and over and over and over. Prospecting and connecting with a lot of people in our audience is difficult as well. Every time we reach out and get into a conversation (even texts), it's taking energy away from us. Multiply that by twenty or a hundred each week and it's just plain exhausting! 

Because of my extreme introversion, building a business is a lot more difficult. So, over the years, I've found some great tips and tricks to help get me through. Additionally, these tips and tricks cut my daily work down to only 20 minutes a day (unless I'm building or creating).


     1. Scheduling daily tasks with Asana and a good ol' desktop calendar.

I've tried excel sheets (before online programs became 'a thing'), Trello, alarms on my phone, and more! Asana beats them all because of the amazing visuals and notifications I get to my phone. Whatever you choose to use, this step is the key to all others! If you aren't disciplined with your time, you will never figure out how to succeed or accomplish what you want to.


     2. Automate as much as possible.

This does take time to set up, and if you're an extreme introvert (very low level of energy available each day), I highly recommend hiring someone temporarily to help you do this. I used an accountability coach/automation expert, and my VA. Once you set up everything, you will feel this HUGE metal weight lifted off your shoulders! It frees your day up, and de-stresses you to be the creative genius that you are! 
I tend to automate anything energy-sucking:


  • Social media posts (and I only use 2 platforms per business)
  • prospecting for 1:1 clients and initial connecting: I use funnels and ads to prospect outside of my audience, and chatbots for initial connections who reach out to my website or pages
  • Online business marketing (outside of prospecting for 1:1 clients)
  • Accounting and other business back work. I review each month, but set up my business bank account with CRM programs and Quickbooks
  • Course sales -this may be a 'give-in', but I try to automate as much of my business revenue as possible! Evergreen courses are great sources for this.
  • Staff: With my VA, the less I micro-manage, the better she is, and the more automated her work becomes for me. We review goals and agendas once-a-month, and check-in weekly for a brief conversation, but that's it! 


I'm sure there are more tasks I could automate!


     3. Batch-Create Content

Whenever I'm building or creating, I batch it. Since I'm a creative mind, it's easy to knock out a lot if I set aside intentional time to batch. This means no distractions and obsessive focus for a day, or a few hours. I'll batch create courses, podcast episodes, email subscription content (but update weekly to include current trends), blog posts -like I'm doing right now! and all video content, because I hate putting on makeup.


4. Use a Scoreboard for your goals

This is something I'm surprised more people don't know about! I was blessed to start my coaching business under 2 of Inc. Magazine's Top 50 Leadership Experts and life coaches. In my mentorship, they showed me this great hack! I can't go into all details here about it, because I can talk about motivation, goals, doing 'runs', how it keeps you from lying to yourself about your results, and using the reward system in your business. But I'll give you an over-view below.

A scoreboard starts with your yearly goals. Then monthly, and weekly, into daily task. Once you've decided on these, go buy a giant whiteboard calendar or something physical to track it on. Each day, you'll create tasks that lead up to your weekly goal. For example if I were a network marketer, I would have "Call 10 people today" on my daily tasks inside the scoreboard. It would help me accomplish my weekly goal of 60 calls that week.

I use a scoreboard for course creation, and any business goal. I also use it to accomplish goals that my mentor has set for me. When I'm doing a Run, it's an intensive few days or week to complete a big goal, and I always attach a reward to every goal! 


5. Prioritize your sleep schedule above all else

This one was hard for me to learn after almost 10 years in the U.S. Army. I learned that sleep was a commodity there, and I was weak if I needed a full night's sleep. However, when I started to prioritize sleeping, my days were 500% better! I thought better, created more, I was kinder to others, and I felt like I could fly.


6. Hire out as soon as financially possible

As an introvert, hiring a team of people is worth it's weight in gold! Get out of the back work and busy work, and focus your days on what you do best. The sooner you do this, the better your business will become. I'd go as far to say, if hiring out evens your finances, you may want to think about doing it. I promise, you'll make more money sooner if you do. Just be financially smart about it.


When you combine all of these together, it creates a day where you only need to work 20 minutes a day, outside of your private coaching sessions. Doesn't that sound nice?


Let me know what you think about this post! Are there any ways you help build a simple daily load as an introvert?




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