The 2 Biggest Mistakes Keeping Coaches From Gaining Traction In Their Business

business coach marketing Dec 03, 2020

The 2 biggest mistakes keeping coaches from gaining traction in their business, and what to do about it.

Are you doing these?


Most people come to me because they can’t seem to make enough money each month in their online coaching businesses. They are amazing coaches, and some have extensive experiences to set them apart as an expert in their field. Yet, they’re making 0-3 sales each month and often go 6 months with no sales. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be able to survive on that.


These people are consistently on forums and inside Facebook groups, asking- no, begging for help because they just can’t seem to figure it out. They feel like they’re working 18-hour days trying to gain some traction, but nothing happens. If this is you, please don’t take offence, I’ve been there too! It sucks. But it’s like beating your head against the wall to get through, when the door is right next to you and all you have to do is walk over to it and go through.

Now, let me preface something here. To be a successful service provider online, you only need to work on action steps for 30 minutes to 2 hours a day. That’s it! If you’re working over that (not including your coaching sessions), you’re either building a new product, pivoting your entire business, or in a launch…Or you’re doing something wrong.


Let’s get down to business.


The 2 biggest mistakes coaches (All service providers really!) are making, are these:

  1. There is no clear lead generation strategy and no system set in place for it.
  2. You don’t publish content enough.

When I was spinning my wheels; too afraid to spend more money, deferring my vehicle payment for the 6th time, and trying to not give up, my business did not have either of these. No one I work with who struggles with monthly revenue goals has these 2 things. Sometimes they are taught to go out and cold-message people who have no clue who you are and try to influence them into spending hundreds of dollars for coaching on them. These prospects get randomly contacted by a stranger (you and me), have no idea if you’re good or not, and then when they try to look at your material, you’ve got nothing to send them to. Sometimes you don’t even have a website or business Facebook page. So, of course you’d get horrible results!

I see online business coaches trying to teach this building strategy, but they are sending you and me to our dooms. Looking at it from a communication and influential expert point-of-view, these teachers are taking new coaches, telling them to go out and get into the #1 most difficult form of communication for sales (a situation that only the best salesmen in the world could work through), with zero communication or neuroscience training, and then expecting you and me to not only keep doing it for a year everyday before seeing results, but also to get results sooner than we possibly could!
Of course, it works for those teachers, they have an audience! You don’t.

The goal that every new business owner needs to have on day 1 is to build an audience of fans. You cannot sell consistently without them. YOU. CAN’T. DO. IT. PERIOD.

Don’t believe me? Go out and try to make $5,000 monthly revenue consistently without it for a year. You’ll come crawling back to me. It’s happened!


So, how do you fix these 2 big mistakes and what do you focus on afterward?


  1. There is no clear lead generation strategy and no system set in place for it.


Find a strategy that gets you the results you want, and then build it! It is possible to make it too complicated or big. When this happens, you’ll be in the same place as not having one. Bigger is not better here. Clear, concise, and simple is the key.

Here is the skeletal outline of a lead generation strategy:


First, you have to make a small item of valuable information that your clients would want. The key is to think of something that will make their lives or their learning simpler. Think about time savers like pre-made items, or secret information that they’ve been dying to know.

Next, you have to add it to a landing page for two reasons. One, so you can use the branding and space to solidify why they should trust you and why they need the item. Two, so you can capture their email addresses.


Once they input their email, they will be sent to a thank you or confirmation page. This will confirm that they’ve received the item in their email (and how to find it), or give them the item directly (like a webinar that’s embedded onto that page). This is where they will decide if you’re trustworthy, and if they like you enough to start being a fan.


Lastly, that email they input in the beginning will go onto your list. This list is your business life source. Each email equates to about $1 per month. Want to make $5,000 every month? Build your email list to 5,000 people. There’s a lot of advanced techniques and skill involved in this, which you can check in my blog here à How to make your email list valuable. But for now, let’s stay on topic.

You may be asking; I have all that and I’m still not ‘making it’. How do I get people to my lead page or freebie?
That is all marketing! Ideally a perfect marketing strategy uses a mixture of organic and paid systems. If you only use organic, you sacrifice your time. You’ll be working a lot more and it will take a really long time. If you don’t have a lot of time, you must use paid ads as well. Good PR goes a long way here also! Another pet peeve I see many online teachers do, is teach a great business building strategy, but then ignore marketing (because they don’t know much and don’t take time to learn), or they teach a 100% organic marketing strategy but lie about the results. Right now, the online world is running around with thousands of people who’ve been given an unrealistic expectation about it. They are all thinking that it’s possible to start with zero audience, only work on organic marketing, and get $5k in one month. I’m not saying that it’s not possible, but it’s very rare. There are a lot of reasons that factor into this and I won’t go into it all now, but that’s the ugly truth.

On to No. 2!

2. You don’t publish content enough.


Start! It’s as easy as that. This is the biggest thing that will make an impact in your monthly sales, and it’s the easiest to have. The problem comes when people want to start a business, but don’t want to do the work to get there. If that’s the case, then go back to your full-time job hunny.

If you aren’t willing to do the work, then you don’t deserve the results.

Publishing content every week is simple and it’s mandatory for your prospects to turn into paid clients. Personally, I would never give someone hundreds or thousands of dollars if I haven’t seen what they can do! Would you buy a car without getting it checked out? What if the engine isn’t inside the car but the seller told you that it runs great? This is just common sense. If you’d never waste your money on a fraud, why would you expect someone else to?

I would go far enough to say, don’t even try to close a client until you’re publishing regularly. It’s bad character, bad leadership, and bad value. Don’t be “that gal”.

There are a few ways you can publish content:

  1. Podcast
  2. Blog
  3. Vlog on Youtube or TV show on your website

Eventually, you may want a few of these. When getting started (even up to the first 3 years of business), just pick one. Focus breeds success. Distraction or too much going on, pulls you down. For example, when you’re learning to swim, don’t throw on an Army uniform with boots and bulletproof vest. You’ll sink! But once you’ve built up your muscles and want to get better, adding those things can help you grow.


I hope this gives you some insight to the 2 biggest mistakes that coaches are making today.


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